Marli Glögi 0,5L

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Marli's traditional glögg concentrate is a classic and big favourite of the Finns in the colder season! Delicious and easy to prepare, with and without alcohol.

For the little ones, mix 1 part of warmed-up glögi with 3 parts hot water (don't boil) and you're done! Add raisins & almonds to taste. For grown-ups, replace 1 part of water with red wine or add a splash of vodka to the 1+3 glögi & water mix. Add raisins & almonds to taste.

Ideally prepared on the lid in a steel pan or in the microwave.

Water, sugar, grape concentrate, black currant concentrate, blueberry concentrate, natural spices (for instance cinnamon, bitter orange peel, clove, cardamom, ginger), acidity regulator (lemon acid), preservatives (potassium sorbat and sodium benzoate).
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