Rosten Saaristolaisleipä (Archipelago bread), 500g

€7,50 Incl. tax
The famous black bread from Finnish archipelago! Mmmmm... delicious!

ROSTEN's delicious breads and pastries arrive to us straight from the bakery in Turku, Finland. Please note that these products are frozen until packaged and sent to you, therefore you CANNOT RE-FREEZE them. However, since rye is a natural preservative, you can enjoy the breads and pastries for 4-10 days after delivery. Easy!


Finnish BUTTERMILK, WHEAT (flour, groats), RYE (flour, malt), syrap, sugar, salt (1,2%), yeast.


PIIMÄ (Suomi), VEHNÄ (-JAUHO, -ROUHE), RUIS (-JAUHO, -MALLAS), siirappi, sokeri, suola (1,2 %) ja hiiva.


SURMJÖLK (Finland), VETE (-MJÖL, -KROSS), RÅG (-MJÖL, -MALT), siirappi, socker, salt (1,2 %) och jäst.

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