Moomin Hattifattener bowl 15cm

€24,90 €17,90 Incl. btw

Made by Arabia.

The Moomins were created by artist and author Tove Jansson. Her inspiration came from life around her, from friends and family members. Some were full of love and joy, others a little grumpy and solitude-loving. Most importantly, all beings were pure and beautiful as they were.

One could say that initially the stories were written more for adults. Later, they became children's favourites as well. Tove had an extraordinary skill to present everything in a positive way, she showed that life is beautiful as it is and we should enjoy it to the fullest! Through her stories, Tove created a life philosophy.

When investing in Moomin items you get much more than just a mug or a bowl. You receive a thoughtful and a positive attitude towards life. That is why Moomins make for perfect gifts, both for yourself and your loved ones.



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