Tonfisk design

The Finnish Design company Tonfisk Design was established in 1999 out of boredom towards the "same old", to market and produce objects which are not mere variations.

The philosophy ‘forms follows function doesn’t mean all objetcs have to look the same’ best describes the design philosophy. Tonfisk products are created with a vision of not producing yet another shape but a whole new idea. This is seen as a core value of both Finnish and Scandinavian design.

‘Tonfisk’ means ‘tuna fish’ in Swedish. The name was chosen late one Finnish winter night because no other name seemed to fit the values of the company- innovative, personal, Finnish.

Tonfisk Design is based in Turku, Finland, since 2007. Their products have been featured in numerous magazines, books and exhibitions, including the collections of several museums such as Les Art decoratifs in Paris.